Osun Concludes Plan To Turn Waste To Raw Materials

wasteThe Government of the State of Osun says it has concluded plans to turn waste to raw materials. The General Manager of the Waste Management Authority in Osun, Alhaji Ganiyu Oyeladun, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Osogbo that government was committed to transform the state. According to him, the state is presently compressing the e-waste content of the waste product for metal smelting company to use as raw materials, while plans are on the way for recycling.

“We realise the economic benefit inherent in the recycling of the waste product generated in the state to viable raw materials for industrial usage which will help the economy in no small way. Also, this policy of waste-to-wealth as new global trend will reduce the hitherto hazards which heaps of refuse in our environment is generating on daily basis. Although, we have not been able to have a recycling factory here in Osun, efforts are being made to establish one to complement the efforts of the government to diversify,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, an environment expert, Dr Adeleke Osipintan, has enjoined governments at all level to look inward and improve the economy of their domain through environmental innovation. Osipintan enumerated the dual advantages of turning what could have been a threat to the environment into an economic advantage and make the environment hazard-free. He accused third world political leaders of not being conscious of their environment until something terrible which threatens the survival of the people happen.

“Take the recent menace of flooding for instance, many of the vulnerable areas would have been salvaged and their economy improved if there had been move to clear the environment of waste. Because people could be indiscriminate in dumping of refuse, this waste always block the water channels that always resulted to flooding during downpour. Ordinarily, the waste could have been recycled to good materials for production, which could improve the economic well being of the people instead of causing havoc,’’ he said.