Akere Admonishes Security Consciousness Especially At This Festive Period


The commissioner for information and strategy, Mr. Sunday Akere has admonished people to live safely and be security conscious of their environment during this festive period.

He said this today in Owode town while on a market rally organized by the ministry of information and strategy, State of Osun. He advised the people to always beware of the happening going on around them and to report any act of unlawfulness to the appropriate authority.

Furthermore, Mr. Akere also encouraged parents to pay more attention to their children. That they should always find the time to know how their children are coping with their studies in their various schools. He said the government has provided the ‘OPON IMO’ tablet to enhance and improve the learning ability of student in public schools; hence parent should try and monitor how their children use these tablets as well as its maintenance.

He also stated that, the people should not see the educational reforms in the state as a means to pride a particular religion over the other, but as a means of strengthening the educational sector in the state of Osun.