WEATHER: Despite Harmattan, High Heat Resurfaces In The State Of Osun Forecast

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Despite continuing harmattan, higher temperature resurfaces in the state of Osun. This is contained in a weather forecast compiled by the Meteorological unit of the state’s Ministry of Environment and Sanitation, New Secretariat Complex.

According to the forecast, in the early hours of 5th February, 2014, light breeze, cloud and cold shall usher  in a sunny afternoon and evening while light air, partial cloud, thunderstorm, slight harmattan cold and clear weather are expected later in the day and night.

Thursday 6th February, 2014 shall open up with light air, cloud and early morning cold while a sunny afternoon and evening shall usher in gentle breeze, dry thunderstorm, partial cloud, clear weather and harmattan cold, later in the day and night.

On Friday 7th February, 2014, early morning cold, light breeze and partial cloud shall precede sunny afternoon and evening, while gentle breeze, dry thunderstorm, partial cloud, clear weather and harmattan should be expected, later in the day and night.