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Sambo, PDP leaders’ Lies In Osun Shameful; Government Says

3RD NATIONAL CONVENTION PRESIDENTTIAL PRIMARY ELECTION 4bThe Government of the State of Osun has described as very shameful, what it called the blatant lies of leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during the party’s presidential campaigns rally in Osogbo on Tuesday.

An aide to Governor Rauf Aregbesola, Semiu Okanlawon, in a reaction to claims by the Vice President Namadi Sambo and the National Chairman of the Party, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, who asked workers in Osun to demand for their salaries claiming that Osun state government collects its federation account allocations as at when due, said it is a tragedy of immense proportion when people in exalted offices such that of the vice president of a country could descend so low to the point of telling barefaced lies to score cheap political points.

Okanlawon who is the Director, Bureau of Communication and Strategy in a statement, said both Muazu and Sambo should tell the world when last were civil servants under the direct employment of the Federal Government paid as at when due.

“It is easy for Sambo, Muazu and other discredited leaders of the PDP to come to Osun and tell blatant lies over Federal Government’s obligations and make bogus claims about non-existent federal government presence in Osun.

Apart from the continually unexplained late release of allocations, Okanlawon said it is an open truth that allocations to states have also dropped in an unimaginable proportion.

“How can Sambo and Muazu justify the criminal reductions in the allocations to a state like Osun from N4.6billion to N1.1billion? In a state where salaries of workers alone carry more than N3.6billion, what magic do the PDP leaders have to make any state fulfil its obligations as at when due? Even with Federal Government unfair chunk of the allocation, why does it owe federal workers salaries” he queried.

The governor’s aide said the irrational comments made by the PDP leaders over salaries further confirmed their evil plot to starve opposition’s states of funds as a ploy to turn the people against them.

“But their evil plans have failed woefully. Not only have the people of Osun comprehended the real reasons for the funds starvation, they have gone ahead to look for means of sustaining the state in spite of the disappearing funds from the Federal Government.

“In case Sambo and Muazu are not aware, workers in Osun under the umbrella of the Nigeria Labour Congress, have risen to the challenges. Rather than being in confrontations with the government of the APC under Aregbesola, they are brainstorming to come up with alternative plans to get funds to run the state efficiently. We are confident to state that only workers who know the prudence, capacity and commitment of their government to their welfare would do this,” Okanlawon said

He said it is particularly disheartening that the PDP leaders could list roads as part of their achievements in Osun.

“Are these roads constructed by the PDP federal government built in the sky? Have they forgotten that the people of Osun ply the Osogbo-Ilobu Road; Osogbo-Ilesa Road and other federal roads in Osun and ccan attest to the shameful conditions of these roads? Even the blind would confirm that everywhere they turn, it is the handworks of the Osun APC government they see on roads. Let the PDP government point to just one road it has initiated and completed and delivered for public use in the last 10 years. They certainly won’t have any to point to.”

The statement reminded the PDP leadership that just as it has never found any foothold in Osun since the advent of the Aregbesola administration; it will not have any inroad.

He added, “The PDP should remember that it suffered a humiliating defeat in 2011. Its criminal invasion of Osun also failed to make any impact in August 2014 as its candidate lost woefully. And just as the then ACN presidential candidate was voted overwhelmingly in 2011, the APC candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, will be voted in by the people of Osun.

“All these are because the government in Osun has demonstrated an unparalleled capacity to deliver good governance and transform the lives of the people.”

Okanlawon who also reacted to claim by the defeated candidate of the PDP in the last election, Mr. Iyiola Omisore, on alleged debt by the state, said Omisore has high reputation for unverified claims.

“As for Omisore, we know he is still dazed by the defeat he suffered in August last year that he can no longer remember that the it took the Director General of the Debt Management Office of the Presidency, to confirm that Osun’s debt is not in any way outside the limit of what it could get. In addition, the people of Osun have seen the outcome of the little borrowing in the massive transformations that have taken place in the state.”