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Succour Would Return To Osun State Soon – Aregbesola

IBA RALLY  (4)Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola of Osun State has assured the people of the state that succour would return back to the State within the next one month.

The Governor made this prediction Saturday evening in the lawns in-front of the State House of Assembly Complex in Osogbo during the 50th birthday celebration of the Speaker of the House, Najeem Salaam In what appears to be a reference to the much awaited bail out from the Federal Government, the Governor said that the coming to power of President Muhammadu Buhari is the magic wand that the State needed to turn around its economic misfortunes of the past one year as well as rescue the nation from economic doldrums and comatose.

Making a public response to the alleged mismanagement of the State, financial resources by Justice Oloyede Olamide Folahanmi in her petition to the State House of Assembly asking the House to conduct a thorough investigation into the administration of the Governor and impeach him, Aregbesola who addressed the audience in Yoruba language said that “there is no iota of truth in all her allegations.”

Debunking the allegations, he said, “even, if the allocations coming to the State for a year is N10billion per month, the State cannot get more than N480billion in four years. How come they alleged that I have CCCcollected N538billion from the Federation Account during my first tenure in office? This is an outright falsehood.

The State did not collect up to N5billion per month for a long period of time as we even collected as low as the paltry sum of N466million in a month.” The Governor accused the media for orchestrating negative publicity on his administration by sagging in their responsibility to properly investigate before publishing unfounded allegations about his administration.

This is because according to him, “the media is in possession of all the federal allocations that accrued to each State every month which they usually publish and they still publish figures allegedly dished out by his administration’s detractors which does not tally with the actual allocations in recent times in order to put him into disrepute.”

He also alleged that the present economic crunch in the country is the resultant effect of the plundering and oil theft by the cronies of former President Jonathan’s administration.