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Battle Of Bottles In Osun As Guinness, NBL, International Breweries Jostle For Drinkers’ Throats

beers-300x193Leading breweries in Nigeria are currently entangled in a business war in Osogbo to get more consumers as the Osun Osogbo festival commences.
Osogbo the state capital of Osun is the home of the Osun Osogbo sacred groove, a sacred forest inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site is along the banks of Osun River.
The Nigeria brewery had enjoyed the monopoly of parading their products in a carnival like manner for a period spanning close to eight years in what was tagged as the “Osun Osogbo star night” before it was changed to “Goldberg night” to promote the introduction of its latest brand of beer to consumers.
Guinness however made incursion to the state capital last year organising her own “Osun Osogbo Guinness night” where the company’s products are on sale to consumers.
This year’s edition of the festival now has the Osun based international brewery, the latest entrant into the business war to get consumers by the country’s leading breweries, making the festival in Osogbo spiced with the display of the products of Nigeria’s leading brands in brewery.
The newly renovated Freedom Park by the state government houses both Guinness PLC and International breweries at the old garage end of the city, while Gbogan-Ibadan Road Osogbo is the home of Nigeria brewery stand.