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World Poverty Eradication Day: Osun Assembly Make Case for Youths, Others

Date Posted: October 17, 2016 at 7:18 am

Osun State House of Assembly under the leadership of Rt.Hon Najeem Salaam has tasked government to focus more on grassroots in its quest to banish poverty and fast tracked accelerated development . The Assembly made the call in a statement signed by the Chairman, House Committee on Information, Olatunbosun Oyintiloye to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.




The day for the eradication of poverty has been observed every year since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly by resolution 47/196 of December 22, 1992 designated October 17 to promote eradication of poverty and destitution in all countries.


The Lawmakers noted that the greatest challenge of the 21st Century is inequality, a situation that had seen the world fortunes concentrated in the hands of few individual and communities.


Identifying rural urban migration, neglect of agriculture, poor agricultural practises, non utilisation of available technology, lack of energy and appetite for foreign consumption, mono-economy, policy inconsistencies as parts of factors responsible for unabating poverty in the land, the lawmakers called for new mindsets among the populace.


“the idea of handouts from governments, white collared jobs should be jettisoned for out of the box ideas ”.


While calling for inclusion of science in agricultural practises in rural areas, opening up of farm roads and massive production of electricity and other infrastructure to drive the economy, the parliament said conscious actions and policies to help bail out communities should be implemented.


“communities should be provided with essential basic infrastructure, by increasing the rural population’s access to potable water, basic health care, education among others”


Acknowledging the initiatives of the Federal Government to address recession, Osun Assembly pointed that with effective monitoring, projects such as NPower, and other poverty alleviations initiatives as well youths in technology programmes will bring great succor to the famished citizenry.


Also, emphasizing the need for intervention in small scale industry, empowerment of peasants’ farmers, Artisans and market women, the assembly stressed that redirection of education orientation to favour entrepreneurship skills and pursuit will springboard the economy out of the doldrum.


It also identifies access to quality healthcare, basic education, improve the level of literacy among adults, school attendance, local capacity-building and strengthening of civil based organisations and NGO’s as vital components in addressing poverty in the country.


“with the commitment of the leadership to accountability and best practises, continuous fight against corruption, change in the approach of doing government business, the yearning of global community to reduce poverty will be a reality in the country” the assembly submitted.


Osun Assembly affirmed that improvement in the quality of public administration and service delivery in rural areas through effective people’s participation in decision-making processes would go a long way to bring relief to the citizenry.


The parliament, which also acknowledged the government of Osun state for its rounded and policies in favour of the populace pointed that the approach in-spite of prevailing financial straight had helped to stabilize the polity.


“Government and other stakeholders must adopt innovative approaches at both the macro and micro level for highly efficient community development and capacity building for rural dwellers.”


The assembly assured that it was committed to passage of bills that will create conducive environment for business and investors to thrive