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The High Court Bench

Constitutionally, appointment of a person to the office of a Judge of a High Court of a state shall be made by the Governor of a State acting on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council. A person appointed to the position must have been qualified to practice in Nigeria and has been so qualified for a period of not less than ten years.

The High Court of a State shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any civil proceedings  in which the existence or extent of a legal right, power, duty, liability, privilege, interest, obligation or claim is in issue or to hear and determine any criminal proceedings involving or relating to any penalty, forfeiture or punishment or other liability in respect of an offence committed by any person.

For the purpose of exercising any jurisdiction conferred upon it under the Constitution or any law, a High Court of a state shall be duly constituted if it consists of at least one judge of that court. Subject to the provisions any law made by the House of Assembly of a state, the Chief Judge of a state may make rules for regulating the practice and procedure of the High Court of the State. The Chief Judge of the state plays both the judicial and administrative head.

The High Court of the State of Osun is composed of the most senior and experienced judges in the state judicial system. The state has Eighteen (18) judges and they exercise authority in the Eleven (11) Judicial Divisions state-wide.

The High Court also performs other duties of the State which includes collection of fines imposed by courts, fees charged on filing of court processes, fines imposed by mobile courts in their ad-hoc duties, Tender fees, sale of high court civil procedures rules

Prison Decongestion: This is a social and judicial side of the state high court as it conducts quarterly visits to prisons in the state namely Ilesa and Ile-Ife through a committee composed of seasoned hands in the judicial, crime prevention and correctional field. This body, statutorily established is called Speedy Administration of Justice Committee with members comprising:

  • The Honourable Chief Judge of the State (Chairman)
  • The Chief Registrar of the High Court
  • The O/C Legal of the State Police Command
  • The ACP (SCID)
  • Deputy Controller of Ilesa and Ile-Ife Prisons
  • The State Coordinator of Legal Aids Council
  • Deputy Chief Registrar (Secretary)

This body visits prisons periodically to review cases of inmates who have spent years awaiting trial and others convicted for minor offences and in some cases humanitarian and health grounds. Such inmates deserving attention are released to continue to normal lives. Through this system, prisons are decongested from time to time.

Staff Training: A major avenue to optimal staff performance is through regular training. As with all organisations, training is essential and must be a top priority worth giving considerable attention. The State High Court has a training unit primarily responsible for training and re-training employees so as to keep them abreast of relevant and emerging trends in the judicial sector.

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