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The Magisterial Bench

By article 13 of the Constitution, a ‘’Magistrate’’ is defined to mean a judicial officer appointed by any government within the Federal Republic of Nigeria to so hold office as ‘’Magistrate’’ but shall include a person called a district judge or judicial officer

The Magisterial Bench is the lower bench under the State High Court. Their work is enormous, this is because they are closer to the people in the communities and they handle the largest percentage of criminal cases in the state.

To allow for efficient delivery of justice, the State of Osun Magisterial Bench is structured into Twenty Four(24) Magisterial Districts with Eighteen (18) Magistrates holding sway

Aside from normal court sittings, Magistrates also sits on the following Ad-hoc schedules, that is;

(a)  Six (6) Mobile Court Zones

(b)  Two (2) FRSC/Mobile Court Zones

(c)  One (1) Revenue Court Zone

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