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The Registry

The administrative department sees to the day to day functioning and running of any organisation the world over; hence, the Registry in the State of Osun High Court provides administrative services for this highly revered arm of government. This level of the judiciary is headed by a Chief Registrar. The Chief Registrar (CR) serves as the accounting officer of the State High Court and he/she heads the administrative department that sees to the day to day functioning and running of the High court. The CR of the State of Osun High Court is Mr A.O Oyebiyi.

The CR is a creature of statute and apart from the basic statutory functions of the office holder, he /she administers all departments and audit of the Court. The Chief Registrar is ably supported by two (2) Deputy Registrars. They are mainly from the Magisterial Bench and rise to the positions based on seniority. The registry consists of Departments such as Administration, Litigation and Finance and Accounts and they are effectively manned by departmental heads called Assistant Chief Registrars. Other sub units in these departments includes maintenance, appeal, library, probate, training, planning, salary, special duties, audit, monitoring and evaluation and establishment.

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