FOCUS: A New Dawn In Osun

Date Posted: August 21, 2013 at 12:51 pm



“Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.” – Francis Bacon

This simply means that if we don’t choose to change things for the better, they will naturally tend to get worse. Thus a stitch in time will save 9 and that is the summary of the vision that we see at work in the State of Osun and do take this moment to applaud the NEW DAWN.

Every investment in the physical and social infrastructure is an advance for sustainable development. This is why serious governments at every stage of economic history find the money to put into infrastructural development.The key here is the deferment of immediate gratification which is essential. For this reason it is very commendable that the state of Osun with its paltry allocation from the centre can invest so much in infrastructure particularly roads.

The multiplier effect entailed in Aregbesola’s road building program is clear. For example, there is not much sense in trying to modernize the food production chain without a concomitant increase in infrastructural upgrade. Without roads in good shape agricultural development will continue to stagnate, even regress. Good roads will facilitate an increase for example in production. Instinctively no farmer is going to increase production without insurance of timely produce evacuation among many other reasons and benefits.

Osun of course is now a massive road construction site. With a proven engineer who was once an acclaimed infrastructure czar in Lagos state at the helm of affairs this is not too surprising. What is nevertheless welcome is the sheer determination, the gusto with which this is being done? The current investment in the roads network will also facilitate and also increase the interest shown by both local and foreign investors. Like the farm sector, the investor needs a good road network. This will of course help with his own input and output. Raw materials for example have to be moved in from the rail line by road. Subsequently the finished product becomes more competitive in pricing due to the availability of a good network of roads.

The government’s grit and focus in the area of road development is worthy of commendation. More than any other factor it is preparing Osun for the next decisive phase. This is that of real, sustainable development takes off. Like every other purposeful movement, this is not about the election but about advancing the infrastructure of the state to help the prospects of another generation.

A lot has been said by the People, the Press, the Critics and even the Government about the urban renewal exercise ongoing in the State of Osun;  day by day we become more convinced that the people will appreciate this investment better when the ruins become a beautiful story…a worthy scenery. The Osun of our dreams.



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