Trade and Commerce central to Osun’s Development Drive- Aregbesola. As Governor Inaugurates Osun Market Women Board

Date Posted: August 26, 2013 at 3:06 pm



Trade and commerce are central to our development drive in the State of Osun. All our policies and programmes are connected in one way or another with market and marketing activities.

These were the words of the governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola on Monday at the inauguration of the State’s Market Women Board, held at Bola Ige House car park, in Osogbo.

Aregbesola held that his concentration on Agriculture and marketing activities brought about the Osun Rural Enterprise and Agriculture Programme (O’REAP), which right from its conception, engages in planning and execution linked to the lucrative daily food market in Lagos.

He added that it is for this purpose that the ultra-modern regional market at Dagbolu is being constructed.

The governor also added that the major reason behind the state partnership with the Nigeria Railway Corporation to revitalise the railway transport from Osogbo to Lagos, which has since been in full operation.

According to him, “Our ultimate aim, as I have said elsewhere, is to ‘create a produce and commodity market for goods produced, both locally and imported, in Osun where people would buy at the price they buy in Lagos which in our belief would promote commercial activities and peoples’ income within the shortest time.”

“It is also the reason behind our effort at reorganising our marketing activities in the state by building befitting modern markets across our towns and cities.” The governor said.

The governor stressed that governing boards are part of the machinery of government, adding that It is against that background that his administration is inaugurating the Market Women Board in the State.

In his words, “we want to ensure that these important commercial activities are properly structured, taken off the streets, and conducted in appropriate locations that are specially built for them.” The governor told the gathering.

Aregbesola noted that trading and marketing activities have been a key factor in the phenomenon of urbanisation for which Yoruba people have been noted from ancient times.

He added that,”we must always remember that our women have been, and still are, a significant –if not the most significant – part of these activities.

“The importance of market is not restricted to the people of old. Trade and commerce, as a matter of fact, has in modern times acquired far greater significance than ancient people could ever have contemplated.” The governor stressed.

Speaking earlier, the Commissioner for Commerce, Cooperative and empowerment, Mr. Ismaila Alagba charged them to cooperate with the governor as the present administration is given to development of commerce and the fortune of its citizen.

” I want to assure you that this just the beginning of good thing to come because the market and its operators are an important component of trade and commerce, and there is no way we can talk of commerce without considering the women, especially in our part of the world.” The Commissioner pointed out.

Alagbada stated that trade and commerce are vital parts of the economy of any country. And there can be no economic growth and material prosperity without the market.

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