Traditional Worshipers Pray For The Growth Of Osun @ 22

Date Posted: August 29, 2013 at 7:00 am


As the state of Osun clocks 22, traditional religious
worshippers in the state today organised a prayer session for the
growth and development of the state of Osun.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola ,who was represented at the event held
at the Center for Black Culture and International Understanding by the
Commissioner for Home Affairs ,Culture and Tourism ,Mr Sikiru Ayedun
reemphasised the commitment of his administaration to ensure giving
equal treatment to the various religious faiths in the state.

Ogbeni Aregbesola ,who stated that being in government is not
for anything else ,but for the people of the state said that the
present administration is ready to work for the growth and development
of the state and the people.

While highlighting the achievements of the present
administration since coming on board bout three yeras ago, the
governor said the state has witnesed tremendous growth under the
present government saying if previous administrations had done
somethings similar ,things would have been much better for the state.

He added that all the efforts of the government in the areas of
education, health, job creation, construction of good roads among
others are aimed at taking the state to the next level so as to give
the people a sense of belonging.

He stated that the emergency declared by the government in the
education sector which culminated into the school feeding programme,
the uniform and the Opon Imo project are testimonies that the present
administration means well for the state, stresing that development is
only possible in an environment where there is religious harmony among
all the faiths.

In a lecture which he titled: WHERE IS OUR DESTINATION ,Chief.
Dr Ifagbenusola Ifalekan Atande said he said he believes the state is
heading towards a period when everything will work accordingly in the
state, where all the necesary infrastructures will be available and
working well.

Chief Ifagbenusola added that he believes the state is heading
towards a destination where the actions of the government will creat
religious harmony in the state and religious crisis of any form.

Dr ifagbenusola ,who said that he is fully assured that
the state is heading to a destination where things will work well said
the various policies put in place by the administration of Ogbeni
Aregbesola is a sure pointer to the fact that the future of the state is
very bright.

The traditionalist then advised every government or
individual who seems to be geting it wrong in any venture or in
governence to Seat, Think, Observe and Plan before moving foward.

He traced the history of the past administrations in the state
and prayed that God should reward them for them for what they have
done and he appreciated Governor Aregbesola for granting their request
of apublic holiday.

Prayers were then rendered by Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon for the
Governor of the state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, members of the state
executive council and for the peace and progress of the state.

Present at the event were nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka and
people from far and near including friends of the state from Brazil,
the Caribean anong others.


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