Aregbesola Reiterates Commitment to Developing Osun

Date Posted: August 30, 2013 at 9:57 am

Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, has reiterated the commitment of his administration to develop he state.

Speaking at the Trade, Investment and Culture Conference held in Osogbo, Aregbesola said his administration’s desire for development would be backed with action.

He explained that the administration had committed huge human and material resources to providing the enabling environment for business in last two and half years,

He pointed out that it was his visit to the United States in March this year that brought partners, who have come from the African and Caribbean Business Council (ACBC) of Philadelphia, the Christian Evangelical Economic Development, Inc. (CEED) of Pittsburgh, and the WURA Arts Services & Productions, LLC (WURA) of New York City.

The governor noted, “In our development drive, we have focused mainly on four key areas. These are culture and tourism, agriculture, information technology, and solid minerals.

“The State of Osun is indisputably a custodian of the cultural heritage of the Yoruba people, who are mainly domiciled in and originated from South-West Nigeria. Ile-Ife, which is here in the state and just about 30 minute drive from this podium, is the cradle of Yoruba culture and civilisation,” the governor told investors and others at the gathering.

He also added that Osun occupies a central place in Nigeria’s cultural tourism map, stressing that besides Ife, there are numerous other centres of cultural and tourism significance across the state.

The governor also stressed that there are more than 60 tourism sites in the state and that the Osun Grove is already globally renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aregbesola on agriculture said, “Our goal, therefore, is to provide food for the South West and especially capture a sizable chunk of the N3 billion daily food market in Lagos. By a stroke of fortune, our natural endowment also includes solid minerals, especially gold.

“We have gold deposits in commercial quantity in many parts of the state that are waiting to be fully exploited. It is our goal to develop this in partnership with willing and capable partners.” the governor stated.


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