Osun Revenue Agency Set To Seal Off Defaulting Firms

Date Posted: September 12, 2013 at 6:38 am

coat of armsAbout 100 companies in the State of  Osun are under the radar of the state Board of Internal Revenue Service (BIRS) due to tax payment default.  It is planning to expose and seal off their premises following the tax audit the agency embarked on recently.

Acting chairman of the agency, Mr. Femi Balogun, said “we are employing all taxpayers in the state to be alive to their responsibility.”

Balogun disclosed that the agency would also look at taxation angle of the informal sector, which comprises the artisans, market women and individuals that are not under pay as you earn (PAYE), stressing that it has mapped out strategies that would encourage all taxpayers to carry out self assessment and pay to banks designated by the state government.

He appealed to the public to follow the law enshrined as civic responsibility, maintaining that payment of tax would be prelude to the issuance of tax clearance certificates to be tagged – ‘Omoluabi cards’ and they would be clear evidence of performing civic obligation towards development of our dear state.

(culled from DAILY NEWSWATCH)


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