OSUN – Focused On The Prize

Date Posted: September 19, 2013 at 8:00 am


Good governance is the transparent and accountable management of human, natural, economic and financial resources for the purposes of equitable and sustainable development. The importance of good governance and the management of public affairs are central to the aims and agenda of any government. As with any country or state, citizens entrust its governments, the public sector and state enterprises with their tax money and the resources of their country to manage the public good, present and future, and to provide essential services and infrastructure.

Good and effective Leadership makes a whole load of difference. And leadership is not just about obstructionism. Leadership is also not about caving every time you get pushed. Leadership is about understanding and communicating to the people.

Leading people can lead to the biggest success or failure of any leader. You can’t lead by being a mystery. You can’t lead by being an enigma. You can’t lead by being aloof. You can’t lead by being programmed. I think you have to lead by being yourself and who you are and then people will trust you. And when they trust you they’ll follow you

The most successful leaders have been those who not only have great ideas, but also carry the people along in the creation and implementation of such ideas. Many times the mouth of the leader is its people as they are way more than the one leader and the more people he has speaking on his behalf the more influence he continues to have. The people need to understand the leader so they can conveniently tell the story together. Same Story, Same Leader and with that, it’s a win-win situation.

Thus when policies are formulated and projects derived; it is all for the goal of providing basic amenities and much more for the governed to give them an opportunity to aim high and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

When a government is able to understand and prioritize the need of the people, and is able to create platforms to enable it meet the needs and more so, communicates the progress and wherewithal to the people, then there is the likelihood that the people are making history given that many governments have stopped understanding the PRICE of Leadership.

The dividends of governance, the price of winning elections and being in places of influence are not for personal gains; but for the people to be able to applaud the improvement of their lives and community; knowing that many generations after that governance, the dividends will still be seen and felt. The Story will go on.

That is the reality we see in the present administration of the State of Osun. A functioning government that respects principles such as transparency and participation and is accountable to its citizens; a dynamic government that can express and respond to the needs of the poorest members of society, and continually strive to create projects that cut across in positively affecting lives, contributing to human security, poverty reduction, protection of the environment and much more.

The success of any government’s programmes and projects greatly depend on the way they are designed and implemented and for the Government of the State of Osun, every one in every corner, has experienced and benefitted and yet have other upcoming opportunities to be part of history as being made.

There will always be distractions, those who seek to downplay the great works ongoing for their personal gains; these are natural elements even as common as rain and sunshine; but a great leader presses on! Keeping focus on the People and the Projects that make the government a great success

We commend the good work of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and his team who seem to put in much more that has today made the State of Osun a trending name and cause, that they continue to focus on what is most important – The People and the Projects because at the end of the day, only the best get the PRIZE.

We are almost there, 2014 is a few days away and we see the prize and we are ready to take it because the people will ensure it.

Osun a dara

– Adebola Olomo


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