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Date Posted: October 6, 2013 at 6:32 am



Since the picture of the Executive Governor of the State of Osun went viral a few days ago, the social media space has gone agog….even display pictures of various profiles have adorned this highly controversial image of the Governor in a pair of School Uniforms addressing the pupils of the State, I could not but write about this!

The social media space is best known for having an extraordinary feature, which is, everyone has an opinion and there is space to share it; so you can only imagine the variance in responses; some too funny you need a tissue to keep your eyes dry; it kept going, from platform to platform, from phone to phone till friends in diaspora who have not called in a while picked the phone to ask if I had seen the picture of ‘Ogbeni in School’ did I know that finally, we had a massive social media trend here, and for a noble cause, driving home a message so strong and so positive.

The decision to wear that uniform must have been so easy to make, given the quest to see how best to make the kids see how much investment has been put into giving them an environment and an educational process to make them succeed. One can spend money on buildings and books and even tablets, but when this spend and sacrifice comes from a heart that understands the reason for the spend and the results it aims to achieve, then it becomes an easy decision to do all that is necessary to drive home the message.

So when I see that picture what I read is…

“Dear Pupils, there is nothing downtrodden about uniformity, can you see how excellent you look in your uniforms, so much I am proud to wear same with you?”

“Can you see how important you are to the state that we all are here today to associate with you as you start a new day at school, you need to stay in School to be successful and have a chance to be where we are too”

“Hey kids, do you know that just like one of you I give you the message of possibility in any future you want, because those who are in great places today are not all from golden uniforms, they also could have worn uniforms just as yours”

“It is always as you see it and as you want it, we have come down to you today so you can take our hands and stand up, be confident in your education and make us proud!”

I celebrate the Ogbeni once again on this laudable difference in the school system, the school of life inclusive as he sends a strong message across the internet and platforms so we are confident in who we are, we derive structures and processes to make our world a better place and in achieving that, we are strong willed to do all that seems necessary to make the message seen and sounded.

I envy the kids of the State of Osun at this time of governance, now the world is before them, success and excellence has been demystified, now as they face a new term, new system of education, they are confident to take it on, and make the best of it

As is usually said…Osun a daara and may God continue to give the State and its Government the wisdom to continuously make a difference.

ADEBOLA OLOMO (@debolaolomo)


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