GOVERNANCE: National Defence College Commends Aregbesola’s Achievements

Date Posted: October 26, 2013 at 4:52 am

Members of the Course 22 of the National Defence College, Abuja, on Wednesday commended the Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, saying the youth employment, infrastructure provisions of the government are sterling.

The Course 22 members, who were on a courtesy call to the Governor, said they were highly impressed by the achievements of Aregbesola.

The team was on a study tour of the state with the theme: “Infrastructure as Catalyst for Development in the State of Osun: Issues and Prospects.”

Speaking on behalf of the team, Brigadier General Alani Okunlola, who is also the team leader, said the governor has recorded giant strides, which are interesting and intimidating.

General Okunlola said the team was highly impressed with ongoing and completed road projects in the state.

He said one of the most impressive things to the team is the recognition of the Osun Youth Employment Scheme (OYES) by the World Bank as a genuine effort of a government that intends to engage and empower youths.

“We have gone on a tour of road constructions in the state and we have seen a lot of huge projects.

“We saw many giant projects in the state, particularly the gigantic road projects going on. With what we have seen, we are highly impressed.

“We have seen giant strides that are quite interesting and intimidating to behold. We are also better educated about the efforts of government in developing the state.

“And one of the most impressive things to us is the recognition of OYES by World Bank as genuine efforts by a government willing to develop the capacity of its youth. We urge government not to relent in its efforts,” General Okunlola said.

Responding, Governor Aregbesola said that it is the infrastructure of a nation that creates wealth for that nation.

He said that for the people to be productive, infrastructure must be developed.

According to him, even with meagre resources coming to the state, government is making frantic efforts to develop its infrastructure.

“We are stimulated in our infrastructure efforts by the statement made by John Kennedy that roads in America are not the reflection of the wealth of the society but they are the cause of the wealth of  society.

“If we can get our leaders to have clear understanding that the only way to promote productivity is for us to have solid and sound infrastructure. If you more borrow money to develop your infrastructure, it is the surest way for wealth creation.

“It is this simple logic that is lacking in our society. If we consciously develop our infrastructure, even within our limited resources, in the next 10 to 20 years we will be world leader.

“Here in Osun, what we are doing is to use our intellect to put up infrastructure however possible as means of stimulating a very high level of productivity. It is human production that creates wealth. Despite the state’s meagre resources, we have made frantic efforts to develop our infrastructure,” Aregbesola said.

He said that limited resources did not prevent the state from regular payment of salary as at when due, adding that from scarce funds the state employed 20, 000 OYES youths; is feeding 300, 000 elementary school pupils; produced the innovative e-learning tablet, Opon Imo; provides monthly monetary supports to critically vulnerable elders in the state among other social benefits enjoyed by the people of the state.

He commended the men of armed forces saying the greatest service is the one offered in the defence of one’s nation, saying this is the highest demonstration of zeal, patriotism and commitment.

He continued: “The greatest service is that of the defence of one’s nation. There can’t be higher service than that. When a man or a woman on his own volition, without any compulsion, decides to put his or life on the line for the defence of his or her nation, it is the highest demonstration of patriotism, commitment and loyalty.

“So, whenever I see officers and men in uniform who on their own volition volunteered their lives to the defence of their nations, I say that there can be no higher demonstration and commitment.”


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