Aregbesola Wins Ghana’s Integrity Award

Date Posted: October 29, 2013 at 6:25 am


Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, recently added another feather to his cap by winning the Integrity Award in Accra, the Ghanaian capital.

The award was bestowed on him by the Integrity International Magazine based in Ghana for a special recognition of his leadership quality.

The Head, African operation of the magazine, Dr. Richard Ikpada, said Aregbesola clinched the award because of his outstanding quality and integrity in running the affairs of the State of Osun.

Ikpada said after critical assessment of governments and leaders, Aregbesola’s name was recurring among men of integrity in power, having made integrity a cornerstone of his administration.

According to him: “On the African continent today, there is leadership without integrity. However, Governor Aregbesola’s name keeps recurring like decimal on integrity index.

“We at the Integrity International look out for personalities who make integrity a hallmark of their government and so we picked Aregbesola for making integrity the watchword of his government. He is certainly in the league of men and women of integrity on the continent today.”

Ikpada said the Governor should view the award as a commendation for good performance and as such he such seeing it as an elixir for his government to go extra mile in rendering quality services to the people.

Governor Aregbesola, in his response, expressed his gratitude to Integrity international for the recognition of his government’s little effort at repositioning the state and re-defining governance.

He promised that his administration, which focus is the people of the state, would not relent in its effort to deliver quality services to the people, saying government exits only to provide welfare service to the people.

“I am highly pleased to have been recognised by your organisation. I also express my gratitude to the management for identifying with the things we are doing in our little corner on the continent.

“For taking the pain to come all way from Ghana for the presentation is equally deserving of commendation. And I promise that the award will serve as a tonic for the administration in its efforts to deliver democracy dividends to the people,” Aregbesola said.


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