OPINION – Osun Reclassification Protests

Date Posted: November 1, 2013 at 7:56 am


The hue and cry about reclassification of schools and alleged Islamisation of Osun should not be. There is a difference between politics of propaganda and politics of development. The people of the State of Osun must embrace change and development.

Nigeria and the State of Osun need real practical transformational leaders, rather than paper work transformational ones. It is only a low thinking person that will want to Islamise a secular state like Osun.

Let the citizens engage in dialogue with the government to avoid distraction before the politicians who are part of the rot hijack the process. What the nation needs now is real quality leadership and not politics of ethnicity or religious propaganda.

Our politicians are the problems of this nation; they introduced politics into every policy that will be beneficial to the citizens. We need to shun them to ensure development.

Ojewoye Gbenga,


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