INDEPENDENT OPINION: Still On Aregbesola’s Facelift In Osun

Date Posted: November 6, 2013 at 6:49 am

osun-model-schoolFor some time now, I have observed in silence but with watchful care various road expansionist schemes embarked upon by the Aregbesola administration; not only in Osogbo, the state capital, but also in all the nooks and crannies of the State of Osun.

In Osogbo in particular, the expansion work included removal of illegal structures, kiosks and other movable structures and separation of structures that obstruct road expansion works. Others include relocation of some markets, sawmills and other oddly-located places; broadening of gutters, canals and waterways; and provision of parks, gardens and road extension cum beautification; to include creation of walkways, bus stop sheds and spaces and the provision of street lighting.

The good effects of these good, noble works are not slow in coming. The good work has resulted in accelerated development of interior, remote and outskirts parts of the city. The spread and presence of virtually all sorts of traders is now visible in all parts of the city; such that we need to spend or worry less to gain access to any article we need to buy within our neighbourhood.

This development has also facilitated the rapid development of shopping complexes, some of which had been long abandoned due to unattractive prospect of rentage or occupation. In addition, new ones are springing up by the day.

We also have a better state capital metropolis; which has now begun to compete favourably with its contemporaries not only in Nigeria; but also in other parts of the world. Modern organized market places are now in place. Our roads are now better than ever; erosion paths and water channels/canals are well defined. Our schools and health institutions are in a better condition, and above all, there is peace and tranquility in the land.

I do pray that God should enable Governor Aregbesola to achieve greater feats for our state and her entire populace. God bless us all.

•Waheed Shittu, Ile-Ife Road, Edun-Abon, Ife-North LGA, State of Osun.


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