VOTE-OF-CONFIDENCE: The Significance Of The US Consul-General’s Visit

Date Posted: November 16, 2013 at 7:45 am


Evidence pours in on a daily basis that the economy of the state of Osun is on an upward trajectory. The toga of a run-of-the-mill civil service state is now being confined to the past.

Very recently the United States Consular-General, Mr. Jeffrey Hawkins, passed a vote of confidence on the new direction in the state of Osun. In the company of other diplomats, Hawkins acknowledged the state of Osun as a major tourism and cultural centre in Nigeria.

Extending kudos to the new thrust in the state, the American Consular stated that the state of Osun has one of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the country. The scenery in his considered opinion is capable of making a first timer to the state wanting to come back again with an even larger delegation. The tasting of the pudding of course is in the eating. Right there in the Consular’s delegation was his mother, Mrs Susan Westan who was obviously captivated by what the state has to offer.

Hawkins’ vote of confidence reflected on how very captivated the delegation had been by what they saw on the ground. They had seen Hawkins being particularly impressed with what they saw in one of Nigeria’s two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Osun Groove.

So impressed in fact that he had decided to visit the state next year with a larger delegation. A vote of confidence could not have been
more emphatic! Even more edifying is the policy prescription that followed. We have in Hawkins’ incursion into Osun more than just a humdrum visit.

It is much more significant than that. The US Consular General pointed out that Governor Aregbesola is vitally playing a very important political role in the affairs of the country. For this reason it is very important to understand his thinking and vision. Therefore the desk officer from the Department of State who was a part of the delegation will take the huge knowledge and assemble back to Washington for analysis.

The import of the data must not be understated. For it will help to guide decision-making about happenings in the country and strengthen United States policy in Nigeria.

The visit represents a significant gain for the Aregbesola administration. As the symbol himself pointed out, the policy thrust
is to explain the historical relevance of the state as the source of creation. “The vision of the state and the Yoruba race is to use her
history to build a society that will take-off from the glorious past and build a hub of culture, tourism, commerce and all that is good,
which when combined, can stimulate the spirit of productivity, achievement and human development that will be second to none in the continent of Africa.”

We give kudos to the synergy now being assiduously concocted by the various policy thrusts of the Aregbesola administration. The eventual outcome will be overall coordinated development. Osun will in the end have a well diversified economy which will create jobs weaved into sustainable development.

This is why it is crucial to keep the momentum going and ensure continuity. Continuity will be guaranteed with an emphatic re-election next year of the symbol of all our aspirations for a better life in the state of Osun. Aregbesola deserves re-election. And the
vote-of-confidence in his admirable policy thrusts will continue to pour in.


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