GOVERNANCE: Students In Osun Express Appreciation Over Schools Re-classifications, Reforms

Date Posted: November 20, 2013 at 7:54 am


Ikirun, the headquarters of Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun went agog yesterday as a huge combination of ecstatic students, market women, artisans, farmers and others trooped out in support of the Rauf Aregbesola administration as the governor made a colourful entry into the city.

Governor Aregbesola had arrived in the city at about 12noon to a massive crowd of students whose appearance in their school uniforms created unique scenery as thousands of market women also left their stalls to the entrance of the Local Government to Akinorun Grammar school, venue of the regular interactive forum tagged ‘Gbangbadekun’.

Students trooped out of classrooms en mass to show their appreciation for the on-going education reforms and re-classification aimed at securing their future. The students said the appreciation was needed because Aregbesola’s government has amply demonstrated that the future of the Youth of the state is central to government’s programme.

Shouts of “Thank you Mr. Governor”, “Our parents appreciate our school furniture” and others, rent the air as the mammoth crowd slowed down the convoy of the Governor who could not but come out of his car to acknowledge their cheers. The governor, miffed by the students’ actions, asked why they abandoned their classrooms to come and meet him, a group of student responded that they came out to say thank to the governor for what he has been doing in the education sector of the state.

The governor took time off to directly ask the few of the students how they are faring under the new education formats. Aregbesola told the students that government will stop at nothing to ensure that it does more in the education sector for the betterment of the future of the kids.

According to him, “I am impressed that you students appreciate what the government is doing. I am more than satisfied that you have seen changes, but I want to appeal to you that, you should make your parents and government proud by coming out in flying colours in your examinations. “This is the only appreciation that you can show for our reforms and re-classification exercise which you are now attesting to, that it has changed your perspective to learning positively.” The governor told the students.

Isiaka Aremu a grade 12 student said that when they were told that the next edition of Gbangbadekun would be coming up in Ikirun, “some us decided to sensitize ourselves that we should come out that day to come and say thank you to the governor. Look at this my uniform, I got it for free, the chair and table that am using too, the most important of it all is our school, Akinorun Grammar School that we were told was founded in 1959 is not worth to call that. But now, the government is building one for us that we can call a school like the one in Lagos.” Aremu stressed.

When asked if they will not be missing studies, he posited that, “if I want to be sincere, with you we are not missing anything, those days when we used to sit on bare floor and no teachers, nobody asked if we are missing anything. Aregbe has tried for us that is what I know.” Aremu revealed.

The governor later made for the venue of the programme where another large crowd of people was waiting to ask questions on the various programmes of the administration.

Gbangba Dekun is one in the series of the various feedback avenues through which the administration gets direct comments on the impact of the government policies on the people of the state.

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