LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Aregbesola Became A Fire Fighter Along Osogbo – Ilesha Road

Date Posted: December 31, 2013 at 7:31 am


Governor Rauf Aregbesola Saturday literarily ‘dropped’ protocol to become a fire fighter for more than a quarter of an hour.

Aregbesola, in his convoy was on his way to attend the 2013 edition of Iwude Ijesha celebration; and ran into a road side bush fire growing fiercely along osogbo-Ilesha road.

The emitting heat from the fire was felt by occupants of vehicles that passed along the spot of the burning roadside bush.

This, apparently was what prompted the boys-scoutish spirit in Governor Aregbesola as he caused his driver to pull up on the other side of the road; thus bringing the long convoy of the Osun Governor to a halt.

In a show of leadership by example, Aregbesola pulled his native ‘Agbada’ gown and grabbed a fire extinguisher in his vehicle then proceeded to put out the fire.

Aides as well as other members of his entourage quickly joined in the fire fighting operation. For those who did not have fire extinguisher, tree branches became handy for them to ‘beat-out’ the fire. Some of them ran to a near-by block making industry to fetch water for the fire fighting operation.

Governor Aregbesola ordered men of the Osun state fire service to move to the scene to forestall reoccurrence; just as he noted the proximity of the spot to a filling station along the axis of that road. Other Photos Below…

Aregbe fights Fire 1 Aregbe Fights Fire 2 Aregbe fights Fire 3 Aregbe fights fire 4 Aregbe Fights Fire 5 Aregbe fights fire 6


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