The Explosive Device Discovery In Osogbo: No One Can Shatter The Peace Of Osun

Date Posted: March 5, 2014 at 7:34 am


The attention of the Government of the State of Osun has been drawn to the discovery of an object suspected to be an explosive device at the banking hall of one of the branches of a bank in Osogbo, the state capital.

Reports available yet indicate that the object was found concealed in a polythene bag inside the banking hall.

This led to the invitation of the Anti-bomb squad of the Osun Command of the Nigeria Police whose men evacuated the dangerous object from the banking hall.

While reminding the people of Osun and Nigerians in general of the various pro-active measures taken by government of the State of the Virtuous on security of lives and property generally, we are compelled to call on the security agencies to get to the root of this strange discovery in Osogbo and tell the whole world how this device found its way into a banking hall.

Considering the usually impregnable fortification of banks through their various screening machines which detect metals and other objects of lesser dangers, it is unthinkable how the device scaled through this fortress of the bank before it got into the banking hall where it was discovered.

To be specific, we suspect a deliberate foul play in the antics of those who desire to create a sense of insecurity in this state through their various machinations and manipulations.

We are however assured of the readiness of the security agencies to conduct a thorough investigation on the development in order to strengthen the assurances of our people and visitors that Osun remains a safe haven for businesses and pleasure.

Since this administration came, Osun has remained peaceful and inviting to more people ever than before in her 21 year history.

Semiu Okanlawon

Director, Bureau of Communication and Strategy,

Office of the Governor,


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