COMMENDATION: I Was Amazed And Overwhelmed With The Developments That I saw In Osogbo

Date Posted: April 11, 2014 at 7:49 am

His Excellency,
Osun State Governor,
Governor’s Office,
Abere, Osogbo

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

March 2014, I got a message from my siblings that I had to come home as my mother was ill. The last time I visited Osogbo was April, 2011. Suffice to say here that I have been resident outside Nigeria for the past few years.

Getting to Osogbo, I was amazed and overwhelmed with the developments that I saw. There were clear and visible differences between the Osogbo I visited in 2011 and 2014. I saw road constructions that could be compared with New York! I saw big houses and new business buildings! So many developments that I asked myself question; did we have governor in Osun state before the present government?

The environment had changed so much that I couldn’t locate my siblings and my mum’s family house! I had to call my nephew who lives in Osogbo for help! I grew up and had my early education in Osogbo; so I knew every nooks and crannies of Osogbo.

A lot of times we do not take time to say thanks for a job well done and I did not want this one to go by. While it is easier for us to criticize our leaders for poor performance, we should commend them when they performed creditably.

What you have done is commendable and your actions reflect a standard of performance we expect our leaders to uphold. You have done an excellent job by transforming Osun state to a place we can be proud of and I hope you will continue to do so while encouraging others to follow your example.

It is with deep satisfaction and pride that I extend my commendation for a job well done to your staff and commissioners. This improvement could only have come about through maximum effort from all members of your team.

I personally feel that the demonstrated devotion to duty by your team will soon make Osun State the best in Nigeria.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Long Live Governor Aregbesola! Long Live Osun State! Long Live Nigeria!

New York

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