Aregbesola Determined To Make Osun The ICT Hub In Nigeria

Date Posted: April 16, 2014 at 7:42 am

imageThe digital world is here. We are all using various digital devices –smartphones, laptops, tabletops,tablets, phamblets, etc and consuming data,which is the currency of the digital world.

Manufacturers and techies are pushing out new gadgets and appon on a daily basis tofurther drive us down the digital lane.

”Riding on this, theFederal Government through the Ministry of Communication Technology is partnering with IBM, a global ICT player, to provide technology-driven solutions to resolve challenges in key sectors of the Nigerian economy and to that end has convened a ministerial roundtable to develop appropriate implementation plans.

At state level,Lagos and Osun have declared ICT adoption as an important part of their strategic development efforts and are actively collaborating with the private sector to this end.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola,Governor of Osun State who had earlier championed the State’s multiple award-winning computer tablet innovation, “Opon Imo” (Tablet of Knowledge), recently reaffirmed his determination to make his state the ICT hub in Nigeria at a ceremony marking the take-off of the multi-million dollar RLG-Adulawo Technology City in Ilesha that that was set-up by RLG Communications, a  phone manufacturing company, with support from Osun State Government.

According to the Group Chairman of RLG Communications, the technology city will play a major role in the technology revolution that is imminent in Nigeria.

The centre will be involved in the training of youths in the assembly, repair and manufacture of various electronic devices and is expected to create over 10,000 jobs, both directly and indirectly.

Aside from being a strategic tool, Osun State has keenly applied ICT in transactional activities as Ogbeni Aregbesola had indicated that the deployment of ICT in government operations had blocked financial leakages and brought about an increase in internally generated revenue by 100 per cent, from N300 million to N600 million within one year and to N1.6 billion presently.


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