OPINION: Aregbesola Motivates Economy, Even Through Political Campaign

Date Posted: June 5, 2014 at 7:08 am

 Aregbesola Excites Economy, Even Through Political Campaign, Says Rasheed Mabayoje

The campaign of the second term bid of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola entered its second week running with the Ikire one of yesterday.

Apart from the mammoth appearance of people of the enclave where Aregbesola takes his campaign to, the calibre of personalities and what is said at the campaigns are what many talk about much later after each rally.

For example, the PDP have continuously cried foul- “they are using rented crowd”, they said. And to such, Osun people have quickly answered the opposition to also come out with their own rented crowd and let such crowd wait at campaign venues for the period Aregbesola’s admirers do.

At the last one in Ikire, the people gathered immediately after the morning rain of Tuesday stopped around 10am.

They kept increasing up till 2.37pm when Ogbeni entered Ikire town, and the event did not end until another two and half hours later. So the people stood for about five hours.

They were not even ready to leave but for Ogbeni who closed the show when the weather was getting dark. Everybody saw it on live TV transmission. So let the PDP strike this challenge if they can.

Moving away from the crowd-renting cries of the opposition, one thing captured my attention at the campaign of Ogbeni- Brooooooom!!!

Looking at the pictures, one can simply appreciate the sea of heads of the good people of Osun- resident within Ayedaade, Ikire, Irewole enclave.

“I look at those heads from economic perspective”.

What this means is that where ever this Ogbeni goes, indices of economy converge. This is what the Yoruba would call “Omo Aje” An individual that easily orchestrates wealth.

“Because he is a natural crowd puller, commercial activities in such area sharply increase- as sellers of drinking water, food vendors, transporters etc go back home after each campaign happy, and full of prayers for Ogbeni”.

“I personally observe that apart from drinking water, two of the most trending commercial items yesterday in Ikire were broom and Dodo-Ikire (a local snack made from ripe plantain). You can see thousands of brooms in the hands of the people. You will also observe that they savour the snack- Dodo-Ikire. Just look at their mouth critically”.

“Indeed, Aregbesola excites economy with everything he does.” he said



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