The Osun Battle

Date Posted: August 4, 2014 at 7:07 am

Ilesa School - 4

The election on Saturday is a battle between good and evil. For those who think that the way to win is to seek violence, manipulate elections and turn the state into a platform for contagion, they should beware. The signs are bad. What is at stake is not Omisore, or Aregbesola. What is at stake is not PDP or APC, or stomach infrastructure.

What is at stake is the honour and survival of this democracy. Those who want to sacrifice their state and the high horse of integrity should not conflate their private estate with the vast and variegated behemoth of Nigeria. Power is an aphrodisiac. It elevates before it destroys. The tragedy is that when it destroys, it sometimes does not destroy the source of calamity. It throws its power on the innocent. The people of Osun must be ready to defend their votes and not yield to the intimidation of the military.

There is life after election. But to those who seek power by all means, they have no life if they don’t win. They have no right to impose that on the rest of us. The good is a free and fair poll. The evil is rigging. The choice is clear!


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