Aregbesola Launches Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate, Urges Osun People To Support The Government Economically

Date Posted: November 7, 2014 at 7:22 am

Osun Internal Revenue Service-4bThe Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has charged the people of the state, the need for them to rise in support of the government by paying their tax to assist the government in fulfilling its obligation now that the country is sinking economically with the dwindling revenue from the Federal Government.

The Governor made the charge on Thursday November 6, 2014 during the Launching of Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (E-TCC) facilitated by the State Internal Revenue Services at Leisure Spring Hotel in Osogbo.

Aregbesola who said Nigeria is wrecked economically charged all the citizens of the state to rise in support of the state government by paying their tax as at when due, saying it is their civic responsibility.

The governor said “I am urging good people of Osun to pay their tax because refusal of any citizen to pay tax is a disservice to any society”.

According to the governor, the low income earners will be paying N4.17 per day making N1500 per month saying those in that category will pay N4,500 for Three months to get the new electronic tax clearance card.

While speaking on the current economic challenges of the country, the Governor Aregebesola who appeared in a sober reflection said “the terrible situation of our country call for sober reflection, the crude oil as at today in international market is $76 contrary to $117 early this year.

“Since last year June, our allocation has reduced with 40 % and I have been making noise since then.

We have been battling with this critical situation and we don’t know where we are heading to because the situation is becoming more and more terrible.

“A friend from United State of America recently wrote me on the impending falling of crude oil price, and alerted me that by next year, crude oil price may not beyond $50 per barrel, that is why we must find alternative means to run government, for those who understand, the nation is in serious trouble.” Aregbesola said.

The Guest Lecturer, Mr Peter Olayemi, Director, Medium Tax Department, Federal Inland Revenue Service while delivering his lecture on “Tax Regime as a Tool of Standardization of Revenue From Informal Sector” said the best resources alternative to development is taxation.

Temitope explained that taxation is about the profit on businesses and according to the law; everybody must pay tax from their business.

He urged the investors especially the informal workers must be keeping transaction record to assist the tax managers, saying absence of record may lead to imposition of Best of Judgment (BOJ) which may not be in the interest of an investor.

He said” in law, it is presumed that absence of transaction records is an attempt to evade tax which will compel the tax managers to estimate the value of business and imposed assume due tax, this may not be in the interest of any business man but it is the position of law.”

He advised the people of the state to take the advantage of the electronic tax clearance certificate to improve their business and make life abundant in the society.

Commissioner for Finance, Dr Wale Bolorundare said tax clearance has become a very important document in Nigeria as every transactions and business revolves around tax clearance and urged the people to take the advantage of the new electronic card.

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