#OgbeniWellDone! Osun Last On Federal Allocation But First In Poverty Reduction In Nigeria

Date Posted: July 10, 2015 at 6:21 am

Mid-Term-Report-2015-Osun-is-last-on-federal-allocated-revenueThumbs up for the unusual Governor of Osun for the first 6 months (JAN. – June) of 2014. The Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) responsible for the distribution of revenue accruing to the nation’s purse did a mid term report of what each state in the Nigerian Federation have collected in the first six months of this year 2014 and, lo and behold, Osun is the least allocated state in Nigeria with a paltry N19.6 Billion Naira about 14% of what Akwa Ibom, an oil-rich State takes home.

The real story however is not what or who takes home, but how well have this allocations been beneficial to the citizens of each State. That is where the Poverty Reduction Index for the Federation called Nigeria comes in to the fore. The Statistician-General of the Federation/Chief Executive Officer of, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), DR. Y. Kale has revealed Osun as the the State with the Least Poverty rate in Nigeria. Aregbesola has aggressively pursued job creation for youths and increased productivity/efficacy of human resources through training and skill acquisition.

We understand the simple correlation between what Aregbesola has done and what Osun is currently lauded for even by global bodies like UNICEF, WORLD BANK and others.

We say, “Well done” for your great and unprecedented achievements in Osun with this “meagre” Federal allocation. It is a proof of economic wizardry, of high level of prudence and financial intelligence by Ogbeni Aregbesola’s administration.

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