I Never Spent A Kobo Without Approval Of The House—Aregbesola

Date Posted: August 10, 2015 at 6:37 am

AREGBESOLA INSPECTION  (2)The Osun State governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has disclosed that his government has never spent a dime without the approval of the State House of Assembly since he assumed office.

Aregbesola made the disclosure while addressing a gathering during the Special Parliamentary Session organized by members of the House of Assembly in honour of the  Speaker, Hon. Najeem Salam, who turned 50.

Aregbesola stated that his government has been conscious of the legislative roles in the running of the constitutionally designated duties of the government, stressing that the impact of the legislature can never be over emphasized towards the achievement of a sustainable democracy.

Aregbesola who reacted to the recent petition allegedly written and forwarded to the House for investigation  by a sitting Judge of the State High Court, Justice Folahanmi Olamide Oloyede, where he was accused to have collected and mismanaged over N538billion  between 2010 to 2014, described it as unfortunate fabrication and baseless.

While denying the allegation, he stated  that even if the state is earning five billion (N5billion) every month, it could not still accrue to such outrageous amount within the years in question.

The governor noted that despite his high level of transparency and openness,  he could not believe that such hate statement could emanate from other arm of government who is part of the system and who by the virtue of her office is highly respected.

He vowed that he would not be distracted or forced to deviate from the right path of fulfillment in spite of the current economic challenges ravaging the state and the country at large.

According to him, the role of the legislative arm in a democratically elected government can never be over emphasized as most of the executive roles are hinged on the collective ratification and approval of the legislature, adding that in the eye of the law, nothing can be done without the approval of the members of the House of Assembly.

He  explained that the roles of the legislature was not only limited to the approval of the appropriation bill from the executive but also has a prominent oversight functions and roles in ensuring that executive performs his statutory duties as expected in line with the constitution.

Aregbesola said it is also the duty of the State House of Assembly having approved the implementation of a proposed appropriation bill or the proposed projects to be executed by the executive, to equally monitor it and ascertain that the approved fund is used for the said projects which his government has been successfully managed with the previous and current legislators.

The governor said if anyone now feels that he or she at the comfort of his house can just petition the Governor without the requisite knowledge on the fact that it is not possible for the executive be it Governor, Commissioner, and other government parastatals and agencies, to implement any project whatsoever without the consent and approval of the House, he or she is just wasting his or her time and such petition will always amount to mere emotional disposition that can never be enforced by law.

Governor Aregbesola lauded the resilience and doggedness of the state legislators for being forthright and unwavering in carrying out their constitutional duties since its inauguration, stressing that the House has been very cooperative, supportive and collaborative with his government.

He  assured that the current economic crisis in the state would soon become a thing of the past as his government is working round the clock to make life more prosperous, meaningful, fulfilling, peaceful and abundant for the entire citizenry.

Governor Aregbesola stated that the  parliamentary system of the government remained the best for Nigeria and other developing countries of the world, noting that it is the only system of government that concentrates all governmental powers in the hands of the legislature and as such, helping the financial management of the government because all the financial resources are concentrated on legislature for distribution and disbursement and whoever fails, either member of the parliament or the executive will definitely face the sanction of the parliament.

He, however, described Speaker Najeem Salam as an epitome of humility, patience, tolerance, perseverance and God fearing.

He therefore wished him more prosperous life on earth as he celebrates his golden jubilee, urging him not to deviate from good deeds, good work and as well be more committed and dedicated welfare of the people as part of his traits.


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