Why Govt Should Establish E-Learning Centres At COEs, Cites Opon Imo

Date Posted: September 11, 2015 at 12:08 am

Opon-Imo-tab-Page-18Following a recent call by the National Association of Nigerian Colleges of Education Students (NANCES), for the computerisation of learning processes in all colleges of education, as well as ensuring that each student has access to electronic learning (e-learning) device, experts have challenged the government to establish e-learning centres at the affected colleges.

Creating e-learning centres at the colleges, they however, contended was a pragmatic and feasible option compared to availing each student a laptop or tablet, taking into cognizance, the students’ population and the financial implication of doing that.

In making the appeal, the NANCES leadership further urged the Federal Government to specifically create a policy that would mandate each of its members to own a customised laptop or tablet specially designed for teacher education.

Citing the Opon Imo initiative in Osun State as an example, they requested that learning in teachers training institutes across the country should be woven around Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as the world goes digital.

In their considered opinion, if the country desires growth in the sector, computerisation of education must start with teachers who are being trained at the colleges of education.

Commenting on the issue in an interview with The Guardian, former chief lecturer at the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) and Chief Executive Officer, ICON Training and Consultancy, Dr. Patricia Akumabor, described the student’s demand as logical, since they must be well equipped in order to take care of Nigerian students. He regretted that paucity of may cause their dreams to never come to fruition.

Akumabor maintained that developed countries were still benefitting from numerous advantages inherent in ICT, so Nigeria should not be left behind, noting that if the country desires to get it right in the sector, teachers should be equipped with the right tools to operate effectively.


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