No Attempt To Cut Workers’ Salaries – Osun Govt

Date Posted: October 28, 2015 at 7:50 am

VJgNtSBeNFKYdWaBD4MkTSb4The Osun State government has debunked the insinuation that it would cut workers’ salaries in the process of keeping the state afloat in the face of its current economic challenges.

In a statement by the director, Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Office of the Governor, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, the government said while there is no attempt at reducing the salaries of its workers or sacking workers, there are obvious reasons to introduce some belt-tightening measures to salvage the state from the economic woes allegedly caused by the PDP’s 16 years of misrule.

The state government asked the Peoples Democratic Party to bury its head in shame for being the architect of the various belt-tightening measures which Nigeria must put in place at the moment to ensure the continued survival of the country.

The government said it was laughable for the PDP to think that it made any news out of its mischievous statement when it accused the Rauf Aregbesola administration of cutting salaries of workers and introducing other measures.

It said, “If the PDP thought it made any news out of the removal of the between 25% and 35% overtime allowance of staff of some government agencies, it must be living in a fool’s paradise. If not mischief, how does that translate to cutting of salaries and retrenchment of workers? This is because there is no measure being taken that is not an outcome of rigorous deliberations with workers and other critical stakeholders.”

The government urged Nigerians to ask the PDP the basis of its unfounded allegations and other tantrums, adding that in no way will the party be excused from the economic woes the country now faces which the All Progressives Congress government at all levels is working hard to fix.

It said, “After the bailout fund was released to states, rather than concentrate on a positive engagement of the government on how the funds would be used for the good of the people of Osun, they were busy telling lies.

“Nigerians should not forget how the PDP accused Aregbesola of fixing bailout funds in a deposit account to make personal gains.”

“They should also not forget how they falsely accused the government of diverting the bailout funds for paying contractors. With these alone, the PDP has lost all moral rights to be listened to as a credible opposition. Opposition cannot be based on fabrications and outright falsehood,” the government said.

It stated that whoever fails to admit that Nigeria is facing serious economic crisis must be living in the moon, adding It said, “It is no longer news that the economy of not only Nigeria but also the entire world is in crisis especially those who depend on crude oil.

“After all, some 24 months ago, oil sold for about $114 a barrel but now, the same sells for between $45 and $48. From that alone, is it not clear that a country like Nigeria which more than 80% of its national income depends on sale of crude will be in difficulties managing its affairs?”

The government added that it is with this in mind that the government of Osun is trying everything possible to ensure that the state stays with its head above the waters.

“If the PDP wants to be honest with itself, can the party exonerate itself from the economic morass that Nigeria is in today? Even before the unfortunate decline in the sale of crude at the international market, Nigeria had endured a most horrendous case of bleeding of the economy.

“Today, after the installation of a truly people’s government, the atrocities of the PDP-led government are coming out in what may enter the Guinness Book of Records as the most brutal stealing of a people’s common wealth in its 16 years of kleptomaniac grip on Nigeria”, the statement said.

It said the PDP has cast itself as an opposition predicated on falsehood.


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