PDP is hallucinating over Aregbesola’s mega-schools

Date Posted: September 6, 2016 at 6:10 am

The Government of Osun state on Sunday, September 4  asked Nigerians to dismiss attempts by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to diminish the achievements of the rave Aregbesola administration with last Thursday’s official opening of the Osogbo Government High School, commissioned by President Muhammad Buhari.


Commissioning of Osogbo Govt High Sch-1


It said the PDP lacks the capacity to comprehend the administration’s strategies to make education quality in Osun catch up and surpass what any elite school in Nigeria offers. The government, through the Bureau of Communication and Strategy in the Office of the Governor said the allegation from the PDP was no more than a case of sour grape arising from its shattered expectation that President Muhammad Buhari would not honour the state with his presence to commission the school.

It said the Rauf Aregbesola administration has a comprehensive strategy towards changing the face of education and bringing it to the same level of what any elite schools in Nigeria can offer.


The Bureau’s statement, signed by its director, Mr Semiu Okanlawon, asked Nigerians to demand from the PDP which insights it has into the workings of the Osun government’s various strategies to turn around the fortune of education in the state.


The Bureau noted that PDP’s claim could only be its own imagination arising from its anti-people orientation that whatever is good, modern, spectacular and qualitative is an exclusive preserve of its own class of elite.


The Bureau’s statement said, “We are not like them. This is a case of sour grape on the part of the PPD that wants to disparage the great achievements of the governor.


“Aregbesola’s mission in education is to democratize it and bring it to the poor who could possibly never have been opportune to be educated along children of the affluent in Nigeria.” The Bureau said so far, no fewer than 50 of its school projects are already open for use, demanding which one has been changed to high fee paying school. “As at today, Osun has completed no fewer than 50 of such mega schools across the state that have already been put to use by Osun pupils without the PDP’s imaginary “high fees”.


“Which one of the schools such as Anthony Udofia Government Elementary School, Salvation Army Government Middle School, Adventist Government High School, Ede, Ansar-ul-Deen Elementary School, Isale Osun, Osogbo or any other school has become a “high fee paying” school since their commissioning?” the Bureau demanded

It said that the Aregbesola administration’s refusal to be slowed down in its development agenda has remained a source of headache to the opposition, adding that none of the claims of the party against Aregbesola has been found to be reliable or true since the PDP embarked on its mission to destroy Osun.


“But we  cannot be bogged down by the emptiness of PDP’s ideas and the hollowness of the party’s arguments. They said it openly that Buhari would not honour Osun people with his visit.


Mr. President came and he was enthusiastically welcome by all the people of Osun. He was pleasantly surprised by the landmark and enviable achievements of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in the educational sector through his numerous interventionist initiatives,” the Bureau said Stating that those who seek to diminish Aregbesola’s achievements are only a self-immolation mission, the Bureau said PDP’s inability to comprehend the Aregbesola program of changing the fortune of education in the state could only help to sink the party into its abyss of extinction.


“It is gratifying that Nigerians know the PDP for what it is: a lying party and a dying party,” it added. The Bureau said since the commissioning of the Osogbo Government High School on Thursday, there have been calls from far and near by parents who are under intense pressure from their children who desire to be enrolled in Osun schools.


Nothing could be more of a confirmation that Osun has set a laudable example on how Nigerian children should be educated. Concluding its statement, the Bureau said, “The PDP is a disillusioned party and when a party is disillusioned, it hallucinates and the outcome of PDP’s hallucination is this baseless criticism of Aregbesola’s historical and landmark achievements.

“The party is a rejected party that can never come back to life again in Nigeria. Its soul, to use the words of its former leader, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has left it long ago,” Okanlawon remarked.



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