Osun Monarch Kunle Oyeyemi Promises Youth Development

Date Posted: January 3, 2017 at 6:00 am

The new Monarch of Oba-Ile in Olorunda Local Government Area of Osun State, Dr Kunle Oyeyemi, has promised to use his wealth of experience and influence to promote youth development.

He believes such engagement ill reduce social vices among the youths.

The monarch made the promise while moving to the seclusion house where he is expected to spend seven days before the final coronation.

Indigenes of the town, both home and in the Diaspora have earlier converged on the palace in their thousands, singing and dancing to traditional lyrics before they moved alongside with the new Oloba Ile to the seclusion place.

Addressing reporters, the new Oloba of Oba Ile said he would leave no stone unturned in ensuring peaceful coexistence among the people of the town.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the increasing rate of crime in the society, blaming it on unemployment of the youths.

He, however, promised to give priority to youth development and engage them in a way that would make them useful rather than being a nuisance to the society.

Dr Oyeyemi, who was so excited by the mammoth crowd at the seclusion place, promised to bring unprecedented development to the town just as he promised to bring programmes that would have direct impact on the youths of community.

He also vowed to work together with other traditional rulers in the state and bring creativity to the throne by ensuring unity among the people of the town as well as the neighboring communities.

Outlining some of his vision, Dr Oyeyemi, who pointed out that he could not do it alone but with the support of his subjects, said he would bring positive change to the town.

He added that his early institution of an advisory organ, the Oloba Ile-In-Council, made up of eminent Chiefs, would help to chart and navigate the course of his agenda by defining clear goals and roadmap for achieving his dream to transform ancient community.

“I will do everything within my capacity to ensure peaceful coexistence among the people of this community. I will ensure unity at both the town and neighboring communities.

“I will use my wealth of experience and exposure to achieve this,” the new monarch promised.

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