Osun Government Commends State Fire Service

Date Posted: March 20, 2017 at 5:40 am

The Government of the State of Osun has shown her appreciation at the enormous contributions of the State Fire Service in combating fire incidences in the state.

The appreciation was shown by the coordinating Director of the State Ministry of Information, Home Affairs, Tourism, and Culture, Mrs Femi Webster Esho while rounding off her inspection visits to all
the fire stations in the state.

Mrs Webster Esho through the State Government applauded the firemen on their prompt response to fire incidences in spite of some technical and logistics challenges they face as a result of the current economic crisis facing the country.

She encouraged the firemen to maintain the standard and be proactive in their duties because their services to the entire state cannot be over emphasised especially in their efforts to protect lives and property.

The Coordinating Director assured the firemen that, all their demands will be tabled before the appropriate authority for prompt resolution.

Mrs Esho, appealed to the various communities and influential individuals to assist the Government in maintaining fire stations in their domain so that the constitutional responsibilities of the firemen to the society can be fully tapped.

The fact-finding visits took the Coordinating Director and her Management team to all the fire stations in the three senatorial districts of the State.

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