Senator Isiaka Adeleke: One Death Too Many – Najeem Salaam

Date Posted: May 4, 2017 at 6:24 am

It is belaboring the obvious to say that all mortals would taste the pang of death, but the sudden departure of the first civilian governor of the State of Osun, Senator Isiaka Adeleke brings about an instructive reminder, that we are all terminal projects with expiry date, and that reminds me of the words of Caesar in the book of Shakespeare that: “Death will come when it will come”.



My heart is heavy, and my nerves are weakened just like you all,  upon hearing the demise of the political titan, but he teaches a lesson to all political class just as the deceased taught us a political lesson while he was alive. However, what must be considered a take home is that all of us in the position of advantage must be closer to our constituents, share their pain, and celebrate their feat, for that is the only way to remain indelible in their mind, long after we might have departed the position and the given assignment.

Distinguished Senator Isiaka Adeleke was like a revolving door, which understands the nuances of the executive and legislative assignments. He ruled as a governor for 22 months, before his mandate was truncated by the military interregnum, and his sojourn to the Senate of the Federal Republic was an experience well stocked, but his death was a devastating blow to the political class in Nigeria, and in the State of Osun in particular.

As painful as it could be, we should not lose sight of some issues his departure had raised: that all political leaders should be reminded that their survival depend on the people who voted them to power, and we should endeavor to interact and interface with them on issues bothering on their welfare, duties and responsibilities. Of course, no man is perfect, but the strive of an individual for perfection is what will define him or her from those who want to be stagnant with the tradition which has been overtaken by events.

My heart aches because the Asiwaju of Ede would no longer be with us, it saddens me, because legions of his dependants have lost a great leader; it runs my emotion, because the shoe he left behind is very large, but who are we to query why the creator of life takes it back, when it is so glaring that we are in the journey designed and perfected by the uncreated creator, at the risk of sounding spiritual.

We condemn the violence caused by some roughnecks during the burial of the Great Senator, and we strongly decry the way some miscreants unleashed unpleasant scenario at the burial site in the presences of dignitaries from far and near, including our respected governors from some states around us. Also, we strongly deplore the violence visited on Hon. (Ms) Idiat Babalola, an accomplished daughter of Ede, and a respected former member of this Assembly. We are confident to say that the ugly scenario does not define us in this state because we are very accommodating people who cherish peaceful coexistence as “omoluabis”.

Our sympathy goes to Adeleke family in Ede who has lost a father, our condolences to Timi of Ede, Oba Munirudeen Adesola lawal who lost one of the pillars of his kingdom; to Governor Rauf Aregbeosla and leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) who lost one of their political gladiators and a leader of his people. We pray that God will give us the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss

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