Osun Calls For Elimination of Child Abuse

Date Posted: June 15, 2017 at 6:11 am

Parents, community volunteers, non-governmental organisations and security agencies have been called upon to assist in ensuring the successful implementation of the Child Rights Law so that abusing the rights of children is stopped forthwith while offenders are sanctioned and prosecuted.




The Director of Press & Public Relations in the State Ministry of Information & Strategy, Mr. Dapo Ajayi, made the call at Ede Town Hall at a training programme organised by National Orientation Agency for volunteer community mobilizers.

Mr. Dapo Ajayi stressed that the government of the State of Osun has domesticated the Child Rights Act and passed it into law hence it is no longer acceptable for the rights of children in the State to be abused.

Mr. Ajayi, who noted that Yoruba culture has essential family practices which are positive and integrative, then called on all and sundry to ensure that children are stopped from hawking goods on the streets during school hours while the idea of making child work as house-helps at a tender age is discontinued forthwith.

The Director reiterated that government is deeply interested in and committed to the welfare of children hence the
provision of State-of-art school buildings and provision of one meal per day for all children in public elementary schools.

Stressing that prevention is better than cure, he then called on parents and guardians as well as community volunteers to pay attention to their children and monitor their activities in order to prevent them from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

He also called on communities to organise communal action that will guide against child abuse in their communities.

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