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  • State Capital: Osogbo
  • Statehood Day: August 27 , 1991
  • Population: 3,423,535( 1996 National Census)
  • Area Size: 14,875 (square kilometres)
  • Median household Income: $50,614 (11th)
  • Occupation: Agrarian (256,000 Farming Families)
  • Area Cultivated:149,478 Hectares
  • Nickname: State of the Virtuous (Ipinle Omoluabi)
  • Hotspots: Osun Osogbo Groove, Erin Ijesha Waterfall, Ile-Ife
  • Religion: Christianity, Islam and Traditional

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The name ‘’Osun’’ comes from a river that flows through the state. It is symbolic because it serves both spiritual and tourist purposes in the state. The river is worshipped annually by devotees. It is also a tourist spot as people from different parts of the country visit the Osun Groove in Osogbo. The river also provides water for irrigation for the agriculturally rich state.

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