254,000 school kids provided free meal daily

The Osun Elementary School Feeding and Health Programme now known as O-MEALS is the  one of the few surviving school meal programmes in the country. It was formerly known as the Home Grown School Feeding and Health Programme (HGSFP) . This has now been restructured and enhanced by the administration of  the State of Osun, to reach a larger number of  students (254,000) and to empower  over 3000 community caterers.

The revamped programme has helped increase school enrolment by a minimum of 25%.

Specifically the improvement areas include :

  • Process Improvement.
  • Increase in Beneficiaries from 180,000 to 254,000.
  • Increase in per child, daily food allowance from N50 to N250.
  • Capacity building and Empowerment for 3007 community caterers.
  • Backward Integration to local poultry Industry.

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