Public Procurement Law 2015 Signed Into Law

The state Government has signed into law a public procuremennt law that seeks to among other things, sustain transparency and accountability in government transactions.
As prescribed under the law, a Public Procurement Agency has also been established to ensure public spending conforms to relevant procurement laws in the state.
The State of Osun Public Procurement Law 2015 consist of 81 sections which would ensure probity, accountability, transparency, value for money as well as establish fair pricing standards and benchmarks.
Section 23 (1)-(27) was coined in line with best global practices in procurement and even modeled to suit peculiarities in the State of Osun so as to forestall any act of sabotage right from the outset of any procurement process.
Section 25 of the new law makes it mandatory that all procuring entities must have a procuring Office with the function of i‎nitiating the entity’s procurement process.
The law was setup to ensure the procuring office carry out appropriate market and statistical surveys, prepare analysis of cost implication of a proposed procurement among other functions.