Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

The agriculture sector plays an integral role in the economic development of the State. The State of Osun is widely known for its agriculture industry.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security is saddled with the following responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Implement government policies regarding agriculture.
  • Improve the cash and food crops potentials in the State.
  • Facilitate loans and grants for farmers in the State.
  • Provide fertilizers and other farm inputs at subsidised rates.
  • Improve livestock and poultry potentials in the State

Hon. Adewole Adedayo is the Commissioner for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

4 Thoughts on Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
    Oyedeji Abayomi
    30 Apr 2020

    We have about 13 acres of land for yam, maize , cassava plantation at Ogun state but we are Osun indigene and we normally see the farm produces in Osun. sir, with this lock down we need pass to get to our farm for this planting.

    1 May 2020


    My name is Omisakin Samuel. A co-founder at an agricultural company (MOU AGRO).

    I & my friends have a business idea that can help Osun state in achieving food security. We have a proposal the ministry of Agriculture might want to have a look at. Our email is (

    We are indigenes of the state and we are passionate about the state of Osun’s food security especially during and after the Covid-19 period. Thank you.

    Akinosun Bamidele
    16 May 2020

    My name is Akinosun Bamidele. I am a graduate of faculty of agriculture OAU Ife. Please land to farm to plant cassava. Please help me.

    19 Jul 2020

    Can ur ministry support youths that are enthusiastic about farming farmland to cultivate? And how can we reach out to the commissioner in charge. Your quick response will be highly appreciated

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