Ministry of Environment and Sanitation

The Ministry is responsible for the general environmental and sanitation activities in the State. The environmentally friendly nature of a State is due to the activities of this key Ministry.

Some of its responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Prosecuting offenders who disobey government sanitation policies.
  • Continuously working with Osun Waste Management Agency to enforce environmental sanitation policies.
  • Maintain and beautify the State forest reserves.
  • Raise revenue for the State.
  • Beautification of the State, campaign aimed at tree planting and sensitizing and mobilizing citizens on positive environmental behaviours.

5 Thoughts on Ministry of Environment and Sanitation
    31 Jan 2020

    Please, I have tried to make a search for the Osun Emission Control Law. Kindly guide me on how and where to locate it; or forward to I thank you.

    22 May 2020

    I have noise pollution in my area. Grinding machine making noise in residential area. Please what can I do? Very disturbing

    5 Aug 2020

    My name is Roheemah. I am a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning in one of the leading universities in Nigeria. Is there any job post for someone of my qualification? I’ll be glad to hear from you soon.

    I await your response. Thank you.

    12 Aug 2020

    My name is Otegbayo, an Environmentalist. I am from Osun State.
    I saw you wrote raise revenue on things you want to do.I think we should look into Solid waste management. Igbe ni owo wa!! Only if we can harness the resources.

    Sodiq Olanisebe
    20 Aug 2020

    Kindly investigate with the uttermost urgency a series of possible illegal mining activities by Chinese nationals within/around Osun State.

    Their sporadic use of dynamites to detonate rocks consistently cause earth tremors in and around Osun making us fear for our lives/safety and the irreparable degradation of our environment.

    Would be grateful if your EIA unit/dept especially would come to our immediate rescue to curb this obvious menace.


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