Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is concerned with coordinating, supervising and regulating the health sector in the State for quality delivery of services to the general public.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation of government policies as it relates to healthcare delivery in the State.
  • Partnerships with local and international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, SFH for successful implementation of programmes in the State.
  • Maintenance of government hospitals and primary health centres.
  • Recruitment, staffing and general welfare issues of health staff.
  • Control any potential outbreaks of diseases and other infectious diseases.

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    Ojedele Christopher
    11 Feb 2020

    Please how can we get a support to sensitize our community on some medical issues, like materials, expert and tools to educate them on how to take care of them or prevent it from occurring.

    Sesan Ade
    22 Apr 2020

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    29 Jul 2020


    Solidarity greetings to you,

    The baby (Victory)was given birth to on the 18th of June 2020 at a maternity center in Akinlalu oke-osin, Ife Osun sate, when she was 8 days old she fell ill and was taken to a near-by private hospital where she was diagnosed to have Neonatal Tetanus.

    Some days later, she was referred to OAU teaching hospital Ife Osun sate.

    She was placed on oxygen for 5 days, also placed on drip, food passed through her nostrils.

    The baby is now the 3rd survival of Neonatal Tetanus in the history of the hospital.

    she ought to be discharged on the 24th of this month, but the single mother is helpless as she could’t afford the bill given to her #75,000.

    Till this minute the mother and the baby are still in the hospital due to the inability paying up the bill.

    The mother(born November 8, 1999) had she been disowned by her father and sent out of the house because she got pregnant out of wedlock (this happened December 2019). she lives in Ibadan but after she was sent packing, she relocated to osun state to seek greener pasture for herself and the baby.

    She is helpless, as there is no family around her and she is stranded at the government hospital.

    She is in NEONATAL WARD 1, OAU teaching Hospital Osun Sate.

    it will be a live-safing intervention if you can render her aid Sir/Madam.

    the name of the mother is OMOLOLA

    her mobile number is :- 09049926455.

    Thank you.

    Adegbite Rasaq Abefe
    15 Aug 2020

    Please I want to apply for Birth certificate, what is the process

      23 Aug 2020

      Please visit your Local Government Secretariat

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