Ministry of Information and Strategy

The Ministry is responsible for tracking activities of government and disseminating such timely information to the public.

Some of its duties are but not limited to:

  • Supervise activities of Osun State Broadcasting Services and liaising with other information agencies to disseminate accurate and unbiased reportage to the public.
  • Strategize on using various medium of communication to reach diverse audiences.

One Thought on Ministry of Information and Strategy
    Oyewale Maggreth
    13 Jan 2020

    Good Day Sir,

    My name is Oyewale Maggreth, a native of Osun State. I was shortlisted to work in the Ministry of Information and Culture for the 2016 Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment as a Technical Officer (Printing), GL. 09. I was not contacted nor informed about the shortlist, only for me to see my name online in 2017 that I was shortlisted. I would be grateful if I can still be considered for this position. Many thanks.

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