Ministry of Youth, Sports and Special Needs

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Special Needs plays a pivotal role in the State.

Its mandate includes but are not limited to:

  • Evolve and implement policies and programmes necessary for all-round development of youths at all levels and youth development matters (citizen and leadership training, youth exchange programmes, National Youth Award Schemes, National Youth Service Corps matters, National Youth Day Celebrations and others)) and  encourage formation of youth clubs.
  • Promote sports and sports related matters like supervision of Osun State Sports Council and other sporting organizations in the state and relating with National Sports Commission.
  • Provide institutional care and physical structures for development of youth and people with special needs such as juvenile delinquents, destitute and physically challenged persons.
  • Promote recreation in the State through identification and design of open spaces for recreational purposes and facilities through which people can channel their energies.
  • Oversee the welfare of the aged as well as partner up with voluntary organisations in various fields.


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Akinlolu Odeleye
Akinlolu Odeleye
4 months ago

How can I be trained for the NYIF scheme ?

Ayanlade Luqman Abolaji
Ayanlade Luqman Abolaji
1 year ago

With respect and other protocol duely observe,may I use this medium to express my interest in registering my Athletics club from my local government with the government and the procedures is what I’m seeking for.

Lola Olatuyi
Lola Olatuyi
11 months ago

Hello Mr Luqman Ayanlade,
So you have set up an athletics club based in your local government. This is a really good action to take.I am guessing that you love sports in general and if so, can I invite you to create a short 3 minute video talking about what you do in your club? I am organising a 5 km running event for indigenes of Osun State.