Osogbo East Bye Pass Road

Date Posted: April 12, 2013 at 1:31 pm

The Osogbo East Bye Pass Road aims to provide an alternative route for travellers passing through the State’s capital to their destinations. This route will provide a quick get away for people who are passing through Osogbo, but who have no business to transact within the Central Capital.

An 18km dual carriage expressway will start from an existing round about at Iwo Road and burst out at Ataoja School of Science. The second segment will take off from that end and terminate at Ilesha Garage, while the third segment is from Ilesha Garage to Osogbo Stadium. This will complete the Ring Road Master plan design around Osogbo, the State’s capital. Three bridges are in the progress.

This project will no doubt complement the infrastructural provision in the State and open up those parts of the State’s capital for further development. The benefits cannot be quantified because it addresses the short and longer run development of the State.

Presently, the contractor has moved to site and massive construction work has begun.

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